Freedom Fortress [Inoperable, Being Reconstituted]

Frequently Asked Questions

Sending Messages

How do I start a new thread?

You have three choices for starting a new thread:

Power Tip: You can send your message to more than one of the above addresses at the same time. Doing this instead of sending multiple messages will prevent recipients from receiving multiple copies of your message and will allow all recipients to see all replies.

How do I reply to a thread?

Just press the Reply button. Your reply will be sent to everyone participating in that thread. If you intend to change the topic of discussion, you should start a new thread instead of replying, as some members may have already opted out of the existing thread.

Can I send a message to a single member?

Presently Freedom Fortress does not provide a way to contact a single member. If there is sufficient demand, this capability may be added in the future.

Can I send attachments?

Yes, but the maximum total message size must be less than 256 KiB, including all headers and alternative-format body parts, and taking into account content transfer encodings. If your message gets bounced because it was too large, here are some steps you can try for reducing its size:

Reducing Mail Volume

How do I block a thread?

If you are included in a thread that you find offensive or uninteresting, you can block future messages in that thread by clicking the link that says "Block all future messages in this thread" at the bottom of a message in that thread.

How do I block a specific user?

If a particular user is being abusive or offensive, you can block messages from that user by clicking one of the links labeled "Block messages from this sender" at the bottom of a message you received from that user.

How can I receive less mail overall?

Click the link in your welcome letter to access your options page. There you can change your reception preferences. (They're at the bottom of that page.)


How do I deactivate my Freedom Fortress membership?

There are two ways you can do this:

How do I reactivate my Freedom Fortress membership?

If you've deactivated your membership, you can reactivate it by accessing your options page through the link in your welcome letter. Reactivation is immediate upon visiting that page.

How can I get another copy of my welcome letter?

You can request another copy of your welcome letter by filling out this form.

How do I change my display name, location, or other membership options?

Click the link in your welcome letter to access your membership options page. There you can change your display name, your location, and your reception preferences.